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Our Enterprise Security Risk Assessment Service Offerings

We are a leading provider of comprehensive security management and consulting services, offering organizations the expertise and solutions they need to safeguard their assets, mitigate risks, and maintain a secure environment. With a team of highly skilled security professionals, we specialize in delivering customized strategies and practical solutions tailored to the unique needs of our […]

Crisis Incident Management – A Team Approach to Readiness, Response and Recovery

  Course Overview The Crisis Incident Management Team (CIMT) is a designated group of senior individuals responsible for the overall management of a potentially disastrous event. The unpredictable nature of incidents requires a well rounded team that can quickly adapt to the fluidity of changing circumstances and enviroments.  Typical this group is responsible for determining […]

Is crime predictable?

If we are talking about exact dates and times perhaps not. But if we are talking about conditions and environments that are more prone then yes we can to some extent predict crime. Even the type. For example, we know that cybercrime vs physical breach type events have different tools of the trade, one a […]

How Does Location Impact Crime…..

Have you ever wondered why some business are selected, and others are not when it comes to fraud, robbery, and theft? Perhaps random selection? I think not……, the business has been targeted. The actions or inaction of the owners and leadership has attracted criminality to the organization. This attractiveness is called ‘opportunity’. What are you […]

Failing to Plan for Security…….

Imagine not knowing what is critical to your organizations functionality. Or having an idea but priorities are out of sink with the current climate. Then to add insult to your investment, a security program is implemented without adequate planning. Sounds like fantasy story…….well too often I and other loss prevention professionals are hired to do […]

Anti Terrorism Officer – Virtual

Background Preventative Measures  in conjunction with S2 Institute, and the International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) , 2 week, 40-hour version of the S2 Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Course Online The S2/IACSP Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO) Course is designed to prepare security and law enforcement professionals for assignments involving the protection of facilities against terrorist […]

Working From Home….the game changer

Working From Home has become the new normal for most businesses. But many have not properly prepared for this potentially dangerous operating vector. Most organizations have no Active Directory cyber disaster recovery plan

BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Hurricane Readiness Management

Course Overview Our geographical location, geological makeup, and limited availability of resources require that organizations be even more prepared for the onset of these potentially devastating weather phenomenon. The ability to manage readiness, response, and recovery, is critical to the safeguarding of life, property, operations, and reputation. Timely resumption of business functions demonstrates to stakeholders […]

Trust me it is coming……, we can help

Is there hope……, yes there is.  Planning today makes these anxious times a little bit more comforting and digestible. Do not get caught in the “Who Would Have Thought Syndrome” If you are in business you must #staywoke Here is How Preparedness, If you did your homework, you would realize that the world and subsequently […]