Is crime predictable?

If we are talking about exact dates and times perhaps not. But if we are talking about conditions and environments that are more prone then yes we can to some extent predict crime. Even the type.

For example, we know that cybercrime vs physical breach type events have different tools of the trade, one a computer where the latter may require a crowbar. The distinction may be too simple but it is the beginning of the development of your analytical skills which is fundamental in building a comprehensive crime prevention plan.

When speaking with clients I am surprised how often they are surprised at how much their knowledge is critical to me and my team developing a comprehensive loss prevention strategy. As they are walked through the process and as we tie together the various component parts and robust tailored strategy is created to assist in their unique organizational culture perspective. 

We are now at step 3, I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to reach out to me if you require more assistance in developing, implementing, and managing your plans.

Deliberate actioning on loss prevention is a more reliable way to reduce incidents. This means that ‘preventative measures’ cannot be left to chance, planning is crucial to building resilient business functionality. If you have not been keeping up with this series here are is a quick recap of the first 2 steps in our 5 step Crime Risk Assessment process.

These are simple first actions you can take to develop a comprehensive plan.

1. Identify what are the important assets and what needs to be protected

2. Is your geographic location or country prone to crime and violence?

Now in this our 3rd step we narrow our perspective and focus on location type.

3.  Where are you more at risk at home, work, or recreation?

To be more specific, look at your location risk, the types of threats and their impact are dependent on where you are. Also, the people who frequent these locations, in some instances, like how you have complete control, in others like work and recreation there is very little or no control.

Mapping these hotspots for your personal use is very important for resource allocation. You want to have a good idea of where and what fortifications are needed. Should they be insurance, policy, technology, human, or a good dog?

By no means should we be applying the same strategy and tactics for all sites, we have to appreciate that each venue has its own unique characteristics, inherent risks, resource availability, and access.

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