About Us

More than a training and consulting firm, Preventative Measures is your partner in the development, implementation, and management, of operational security, loss prevention, asset recovery and crisis management. There are many players but few who can bring a global perspective with innovative problem solving solutions. Preventative Measures prides itself in being just that, a industry leader in asset protection, strategies, and competencies.

  • We are able to provide real world solutions by simplifying the access to concepts and reducing the complexities of loss and damage mitigation .
  • We can customize comprehensive asset protection and loss prevention strategies that are unique to your environment and culture.
  • We are able to develop, implement, and monitor, processes ensuring their applicability, reliability, and practicality with your available resources and industry best practices.

Via our global network of advisers and experts we deliver real world insight, training, and consulting on every facet of asset protection, loss prevention, business continuity, cyber security, and asset recovery.

To remain competitive and retain market share, your security operational systems must be robust and resilient to prevent disruption, ensure timely response, and optimal recovery for the resumption and return to normal business.