How Does Location Impact Crime…..

Have you ever wondered why some business are selected, and others are not when it comes to fraud, robbery, and theft?

Perhaps random selection?

I think not……, the business has been targeted.

The actions or inaction of the owners and leadership has attracted criminality to the organization. This attractiveness is called ‘opportunity’.

What are you doing to reduce the perception that you operations are not as vulnerable as they seem?

Crime and violence is relative and it can be controlled. We, yes you and me are not helpless and we refuse to be victims. I have developed after several years of research and teaching violence readiness and response management the following steps. These 5 steps are just a sample of a basic crime risk assessment that can help you focus and prioritize your efforts.

This is step #2

  1. Is your geographic location or neighborhood, prone to crime and violence?

What is the crime like where you live? Be careful not to make all-encompassing statements. This should also include the types of crimes, be they crime against property or person. Are there higher levels of house breaking vs. assault? As indicated, crime and violence are relative so the region where you live may be more prone to these threats than others.

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