Trust me it is coming……, we can help

Is there hope……, yes there is.  Planning today makes these anxious times a little bit more comforting and digestible. Do not get caught in the “Who Would Have Thought Syndrome”

If you are in business you must #staywoke

Here is How


If you did your homework, you would realize that the world and subsequently your business literally hangs by a thread. If the power fails or that subject matter expert resigns, could mean game over. 


You will have to have multiple threads to hold to. If your critical points of failure have been identified, then you must have a back up to the back up. Failing this accept the risk and create a viable contingency.


If and when a revenue source or service or product is broken, as opposed to grasping for dear life your Readiness actions would have created a safety ney that is robust and resilient, that have been tried and tested.


Resilience + Robustness = Reduced Loss exposed to assets  (Time/Reputation/Property/People)


It will never be business as usual, as loss will be exprienced. The only gains are the lessons learnt.

These lessons will help Prepare you for the next event.

Trust me it is coming……, and we can help.

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