OECD-Countries Themselves are the Main Beneficiaries of RCBI-Programs

The OECD recently “blacklisted” 21 jurisdictions on the pretext that their CBI/RBI programs might be used to circumvent the Common Reporting Standards (CRS). The OECD’s report stated: “While residence and citizenship by investment (CBI/RBI) schemes allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residence rights through local investments or against a flat fee for perfectly legitimate reasons, […]

When to Evacuate?

The decision to evacuate is a very quick and determined one; there is usually no time for a second opinion or consultation. The risks are high and the assets, be they human, information or property, are too valuable to chance hesitation and uncertainty. As true as this statement is, our research has shown that many […]


It is in this area that the unique skills of the professional assets protection manager can be effectively utilized. Rather than wait for the losses to occur, management should actively work to create a climate in which every employee accepts personal responsibility for the integrity of the work area. Supervisors should be instructed to report […]


The modern business enterprise has fundamentally changed many traditional checks and balances present in the older system. The dependence on information technology and database systems has brought with it significant changes in internal controls and loss control techniques. Essential business information is concentrated in fewer hands, and the potential risk of major losses has been […]