When to Evacuate?

The decision to evacuate is a very quick and determined one; there is usually no time for a second opinion or consultation. The risks are high and the assets, be they human, information or property, are too valuable to chance hesitation and uncertainty. As true as this statement is, our research has shown that many business have not developed a comprehensive exit strategy that takes into account the impact this type of response will have on their reputation and operations. Essentially in 2018,  most businesses have only gotten as far as the parking lot as it pertains to evacuation, this stands fast for schools, banks, medical facilities and the like. Very little consideration has been given to students, customers and staff standing in the hot sun for periods going beyond 45 minutes to an hour or that it may be a rainy day. By now you would agree that even though the decision to evacuate is fast, preparing for the complexities of the actioning requires a little more fore thought.

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