BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Hurricane Readiness Management


Two keys to server weather safety and survival are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. Our geographical location, geological make up, and availability of resources, requires that organizations be even more prepared for the onset of these potentially devastating weather phenomenon. The ability to manage readiness, response, and recovery, is critical to the safeguarding of life, property, and reputation. Timely resumption of business operations demonstrates to stakeholders a comprehensive enterprise commitment to business sustainability and continuity. Notwithstanding the advance warning associated with these severe climate disorders, many organizations do not plan for the negative impact that can quickly disable functionality and their ability to continue commerce. This workshop will provide real world examples and solutions regarding this often times underestimated event.


  1. Overview of Business Continuity – Where does hurricane preparedness fit into the overall BC Program of your organization?
  2. Preparedness and Response Planning – Conducting a business impact analysis and developing a needs checklist.
  3. Testing and Exercising – Do your mitigation strategies meet your desired results and needs?
  4. Plan Implementation – Welcome to the real world: utilizing what works and what is available.
  5. Monitoring the Storm – Direction, speed, and size will determine plan activation.
  6. Crisis Communication – Developing an adequate alerts and notification system, who do we tell and when do we tell them.
  7. Local and Regional Evacuation Coordination – How are we going to get out and where are we going to go?
  8. Recovery Planning – How do you resumes critical operations and return to normalcy.
  9. Awareness Program – Plan familiarity and functionality will determine confidence and success.

More than just battening the hatches, readiness management will answer serious questions about operational procedures during these unusual times. This before, during, and after approach will provide information, understanding, and applications to assist you and your team in developing, implementing and maintaining resilient and robust readiness programs.

Who should attend?

 Business Continuity Planners / Managers
 Crisis Incident Planners / Managers
 Emergency Planners / Managers
 Operations Managers
 Human Resource Managers
 IT / IS Managers
 Strategic Planners
 Logistical Planners
 Risk Managers
 Security Managers
 Property / Facilities Managers

About the Presenter

Gamal V. Newry CIRM, CCM, CBCI

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