The Importance of Access Control

Access control a critical component in any security operation, and should not be marginalized. An understanding of the key concepts of access control , should look at such things as;

1. natural surveillance,
2. territorial reinforcement,
3. management and maintenance functions
4. legitimate activity support,

These theories can be put in to practice by the crime prevention planner, law enforcement personnel, security consultant, and property manager, to better prevent and respond to community disorder, workplace violence, street crime or acts of terrorism.

But really the intent of such an endeavor, generally the purpose can be summed up as follows

Access control programs are instituted to:

• permit, delay, deter, or deny entry to or presence in a given place;

• to manage the movement of persons in and around the defined place;

• protect persons, materials, or information against surveillance or removal;

• prevent injury to people or damage to material.

It is important to be clear what is priority as it will determine the degree, cost, and placement of the initiative.

The biggest problem with access control in my opinion is that it sometimes conflicts with what the business wants. Weather it is 1 st and main or at a World Wide Web address, there is need to have an open invitation is given to all. Filtering out those who pose a threat to operation continuity presents the clear and present danger. When this is looked at comprehensively many organizations have just as much entry points as our archipelago, thus it can be a daunting task. How to screen these potential hazards, and yet keep the authentic customer coming back without making them fear for their lives.

More on this to come soon

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