Business Continuity & Disaster Management

What is the plan after the emergency? Many organizations have only planned as far as the evacuation; they have not considered or calculated their maximum tolerable period of downtime. Essentially, they have not effectively developed business continuity or as in may instances have only considered IT Recovery, subsequently leaving out people, location and critical services recovery. This failure to implement proper continuity initiatives for the long run can prove detrimental to the recovery of operations and assets. We can take your business continuity to the next level by adequately addressing the following:

  • Conducting Business Impact Analysis
  • Critical Risk Identification and Classification
  • Establishing Alternative Recovery Sites
  • Plan Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Testing and Drilling

This essential and unavoidable task is a complex undertaking, involving a number of stages and discrete activities. Initially it is necessary to understand the underlying risks and the potential impacts of a disaster. These are the building blocks upon which sensible business continuity plans or disaster recovery plans should be built. Let us help you develop your program with proven and tested methods that meet international standards.