Reviewing Disaster Causation Factors

When reviewing disaster causation factors be they man made or natural occurrences. It must take in to account ‘willfull blindness’ and how it impacts the criticality of the occurrence.

To say an event is unexpected suggests that we did not know and have no foreknowledge. This is an extremely difficult position to maintain when it comes to Hurricanes. We have dubbed June 1 – November 30 ‘Hurricane Season’….why do you think?

“The operational standards maintained during normal circumstances, is directly proportional to how an entity will function under crisis and chaos.”

Post storm evaluation will suggest several unknowns which for the most art are temporal in nature. Such as how fast the storm moved or the path taken. Those conditions only speak to the short term but cannot be used as only data to address the bigger challenges as they relate to the loss of life, property, inclusive of the apparent readiness, response and recovery shortcomings.

So the question is was the devastation of Marsh Harbor caused by Hurricane Dorian? A weather phenomenon we known manifest itself between June and November. Or was it result of a culture that has chosen to be willfully blind by not operating efficiently?

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