From time to time organizations experience various events that disrupt business and their ability to give service, subsequently impeding revenue streams. The challenge is, knowing when these events will occur and which event is going to occur. Certainly if these variables were known then risk management would not be such a daunting task. These incident types can range from power outages to industrial action to prank bomb scares to air system contamination.

Whatever the event and whenever it occurs, best practice suggest that the business in the first instance, take steps to protect the assets, secondly prevent the occurrence, third prepare for the inevitable, then be in a position to respond to the incident and finally the ability to recover from the event. Protection prevention

The ability of your company to efficiently and effectively transition from one step to the other is called ‘Organization Resilience’ thus the question for your consideration is how resilient is your business.

Is your organization ready to manage the diverse incidents and events that can disrupt your business?

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