Travel Risk & Evacuation Management

When an emergency becomes eminent, be it political, severe weather, medical or security, you want to have the assurance that a support team consisting of private ground and air transport services are available on demand to evacuate you, your family, key business personnel, or documents, to a preferred safe haven. Travel Risk and Evacuation Management Services (TREMS) is an essential risk management initiative that can be a vital tool assisting your organization in the safeguarding of its reputation, life, property, information and continuity of business operations. Current global conditions may demand immediate and unplanned departures. Thus, a proactive approach to facilitate the survival and protection of physical, reputational, and human assets is not only good business but is also appropriate and real.

Preventative Measures has partnered with regional and international providers to offer such an acute care amenity. We realize that this type of service is not readily available during a crisis. It becomes even more difficult to coordinate and secure relevant information and assistance. Our networks of local and international partners allow us to take a global view of each situation and then provide the most appropriate personalized solutions. We provide flexible alternatives that meet the highest standards and can be adapted to the needs of our clients in any situation.

Whether your travel is business or recreational or perhaps you are a short or long term resident, you can now look to us to provide all your preparedness and quick departure needs from anywhere in the world. The extraction of individuals from any unsafe situation cannot be left to chance, especially in light of recent political unrest and catastrophic natural disasters. It must be skillfully planned and coordinated to give persons the best chances of survival or limit the time frame for the safest removal out of harm’s way. This service is private, discrete and confidential. We are ready to go when you are.

“We have access to over 50 intelligence analysts and subject matter exerts, monitoring over 18, 000, sources of information in over 30 languages.”