Security Management

The management of an effective and efficient loss prevention program requires knowledgeable and professional experts that are familiar with the industry standards and reporting requirements. We are able to provide you with experienced professionals, who can lead your company’s management of electronic and physical security, guard services, and investigative services. This has been found to be a valuable amenity for those companies where security is not a primary area of expertise. We bring over a hundred years of collective experience and are quite familiar with the local demands and requirements for physical asset protection. Our Security Management solutions include:

  • Internal and External Investigations, loss events, background checks
  • Guard Force Management
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response, intrusion alerts, panic alerts
  • Executive and Dignitary Protection, high profile employee and guest protection and escorts
  • Law Enforcement Liaison, maintain equitable relationship with police and fire department
  • Employees Security Awareness Training and Education

This service eliminates the need for a full time manager and staffing, thus reducing the cost, yet ensuring quality service.