Gamal V. Newry


Senior Consultant

Mr. Newry is a National and International expert in the area of security and loss prevention, and has done numerous consulting, training and investigative assignments. He has headed and developed policy and procedures for hospitals, major real estates and gated communities, and banks in the Bahamas. Mr. Newry has vast experience in the development security policy and procedures along with comprehensive training programs relating to fraud, background investigations, disaster management, business continuity, and crime risk management.

Gamal studied Law and Criminal Justice at the College of the Bahamas and Risk Crisis and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester. He has also attended numerous trainings and courses around the world. Newry has also presented on numerous topics as they relate to security management, safety and disaster recovery. Gamal is a regular columnist for the Bahamas Weekly and The Tribune Newspaper where he shares his insight on corporate and business asset protection solutions.

He has over 25 years martial arts experience, and more than fifteen of these years as the lead instructor of police orientated self-defense skills for the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Gamal has taught instructor classes and hand to hand combat strategies for all agencies of the Bahamas Ministry of National Security. He holds the rank of Inspector in the Bahamian Police Reserves and is a tactical instructor and advisor for their elite Strike Force. He has trained with numerous special military and police units in Canada, Taiwan and the United States in diverse disciplines including special weapons and tactics (SWAT), officer survival and safety, use of force management, and less than lethal force. Mr. Newry has black belts in Karate, Jujutsu and Judo, and also teaches the Russian Martial Art of Systema.

Gamal is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and represents the International Foundation for Protection Officers and Business Continuity Institute in the Bahamas.