Working From Home….the game changer

Working From Home has become the new normal for most businesses. But many have not properly prepared for this potentially dangerous operating vector. Most organizations have no Active Directory cyber disaster recovery plan

Trust me it is coming……, we can help

Is there hope……, yes there is.  Planning today makes these anxious times a little bit more comforting and digestible. Do not get caught in the “Who Would Have Thought Syndrome” If you are in business you must #staywoke Here is How Preparedness, If you did your homework, you would realize that the world and subsequently […]

Pay now or pay later…

Take control of loss and disruptive events………manage response and recovery.

Hurricane season begins June 1, 2020

Easier said than done……., but we must be in a constant state of readines. Here is why!

Reviewing Disaster Causation Factors

When reviewing disaster causation factors be they man made or natural occurrences. It must take in to account ‘willfull blindness’ and how it impacts the criticality of the occurrence. To say an event is unexpected suggests that we did not know and have no foreknowledge. This is an extremely difficult position to maintain when it […]

A Holistic Approach to Business Continuity

On Wednesday, October 23, 2019, we had the pleasure of presenting at the annual Bahamas Institue of Internal Auditors Annual Seminar. The presentation centered around the need for the convergence of Likihood Management and Consequence  Management. Traditionally Business Continuity Plans are pulled out after the fact and primarily used as a tool to manage incidents […]

……and invasion of sorts

The continued insertions by ‘illegal’ immigrants into the Bahamas continue have serious implications on the state of National Security. Undoubtedly our archepelgic make up is not easy to police and secure, this lesson is not new. However, there are numerous modern tools available that can assist in mitigating this exposure. These incidents are nothing short […]


From time to time organizations experience various events that disrupt business and their ability to give service, subsequently impeding revenue streams. The challenge is, knowing when these events will occur and which event is going to occur. Certainly if these variables were known then risk management would not be such a daunting task. These incident […]

The Importance of Access Control

Access control a critical component in any security operation, and should not be marginalized. An understanding of the key concepts of access control , should look at such things as; 1. natural surveillance,2. territorial reinforcement,3. management and maintenance functions4. legitimate activity support, These theories can be put in to practice by the crime prevention planner, […]